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About the Luncheon

A Dream  turned into A Reality

When I first thought about doing THE DREAM GIRL LUNCHEON, I had this idea that I would ask various women to meet up for a luncheon, at this luncheon I wanted to invite women with various dreams to connect their dreams with other women who looked different on the outside, but who were also carrying a big dream on the inside of them too. I wanted to foster an environment where they could feel comfortable to share their dreams, feed their dreams, re-design their dreams, launch their dreams, and where some could even re-launch their dreams!

Although the luncheon is called The Dream Girl Luncheon, it’s not just for women, but we warmly welcome men to come and be inspired about dreaming big too!! This year men and women from all across the country will be attending this event who either want to connect with other successful people, find mentorship, learn of new resources or just to be a part of a positive and uplifting environment. My goal will always be to bring amazing people together in an exciting, elegant, motivating, informative, and entertaining environment. When individuals attend to The Dream Girl Luncheon, I want them to bring their dreams no matter how big or small they might be, and I promise that when you leave, you will be filled so many possibilities!

What is a Dream Girl

A Dream Girl is a woman who isn’t afraid to dream out loud, a woman who understand the importance of connecting her dreams to other’s dream, a woman who challenges herself to dream bigger-bolder-louder! That’s what a Dream Girl Is!

Who is a Dreampreneur

A Dreampreneur is a woman who not only dares to dream, but she makes her dreams a reality! She’s a woman who had a dream or multiple dreams, and she launched her dream(s) through faith-determination-courage! She isn’t fearful but relentless! She isn’t afraid to task a risk but is in it to win it! She doesn’t worry about the what-if’s but is confident in her gifts and talents!

What’s next for the Dream Girl Luncheon

So many amazing things have been happening since The Dream Girl Luncheons inception in 2014. The event has grown exponentially since the first 100 ladies packed the house at the 1st luncheon. We have outgrown two venues and this year we are hosting the event at the beautiful Sofitel Luxury Hotel Beverly Hills with expectation of 500 attendees. It is with great excitement that we announce the inception of our non-profit organization called The Dream Girl Foundation which launched in October 2016. This year proceeds from The Dream Girl Luncheon will go directly towards The Dream Girl Foundation. Other exciting news that we would like to announce is that in the beginning of 2017 Success Coach Lori launched her Dream Big Tour, which is a spin off of The Dream Girl Luncheon. Her global mission is to help millions press play on their dreams and through this tour she will be able to help many live in their heightened self! Thank you for your continued support of The Dream Girl Luncheon, we hope to see you soon!

Our Cause

The Dream Girl Luncheon is more than a networking affair, but we are on a mission to “Leave No Entrepreneur Behind.” We want to see women succeed in whatever their dream is. Women who come the Dream Girl Luncheon bring their dreams and leave with endless possibilities. We are always seeking ways to make sure that every woman leaves more empowered than when they came. Our goal is to be a major resource in changing the landscape for how women view their possibilities as Dream Girls. Which is why a percentage of our proceeds from ticket sales go to providing grants to female entrepreneurs. The Dream Girl Luncheon also strongly believes in supporting philanthropic endeavors, We raffle off high end items, which the proceeds go to charity. Last year our charity we contributed to was St. Jude’s Children Hospital. We will continue to be a game changer in causing women to dream big, to dream loud and to dream often!


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