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Hello, my name is Lori Battle
I am the Founder of The Dream Big Experience Weekend and The Dream Girl Foundation.  I come from a long line of Entrepreneurs on both sides of my family.  At the ambitious age of 20, I decided to take the leap and start my own business while I was still a college student at UCLA.  I invested a mere one-hundred dollar into a “dream” of mine, and turned it into a thriving business.  By the time I finished college and was in my mid-20’s, I owned multiple businesses.  And, ever since I’ve been an unstoppable force and have generated revenues in the millions of dollars over the past 15 years!

I have been extremely blessed to have so many wonderful business, personal, and professional connections – that have been an intricate part of the success that I experience today! But, in spite of all the people I know and the wonderful experiences that I am able to enjoy, it’s the joy I experience from being a wife, mother and woman of faith that brings me the most joy of all! I am the poster child for “WOW” (women who overcome & withstand)! Facing many roadblocks and challenges myself personally and professionally, I have been able to overcome so much in my life and turn lemons into lemonade through my relentless faith and determined mindset.

I lead by example, and I inspire many through my insightful and honest style of Coaching. My experience is vast and I have spoken at many events including Conferences, Universities, Churches, Women’s Groups and many other arenas. I continue to push myself beyond any limitations and I’m currently working on my 1st published book due out next year that is promising to change the landscape of so many people’s personal lives.

My passion is helping men and women reach ultimate success through living in their heightened self! This intense passion of mine is what sparked me to launch The Dream Girl Luncheon back in 2014. I saw a need for women who not only needed to connect their dreams to other dreams, but I also saw a need for women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to be celebrated and motivated to grow their dreams as big as they could imagine!

Through the Luncheons unique environment – which is filled with so many positive, brilliant and outgoing women who aren’t afraid to dream big and to dream out loud, The Dream Girl Luncheon was a huge success its first year, with a sold-out venue and standing room only!

I feel so blessed to be of service and I want to continue inspiring many more people.  Which is why in 2017, I decided to expand the event into a 3-day weekend, asked men to be a part of the dream building, and we re-named the weekend “The Dream Big Experience Weekend”!!! I look forward to seeing many of the old faces and the new one’s that will be joining us for the 1st time this year. Get ready to have a spectacular time and get ready to press play on your dreams. See you at this year at the Dream Big Experience Weekend!

Yours Truly,
Success Coach Lori

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