Yolanda Anderson

Elder Anderson enjoys being of service to all. Empowering through her speaking and mentoring she helps people
become empowered by teaching the truths of scripture encouraging them to experience these truths by the power of the Holy Spirit.

She’s an inspirational speaker focused on helping women move forward.  She’s the CEO and founder of multiple
businesses but mainly focuses on She Cares Foundation, a 501c3 that focuses on single independent mothers. Her
views are simple “Our society can be no more stable than the foundation that a SINGLE INDEPENDENT MOTHER lays”.

Yolanda attended Solomon Theological Seminary & Bible College where she earned her degree in Theology and her
license in Ministry. Truly anointed of God her approach to the gospel of Christ beckons the soul of the lost and speaks to
the heart of people from all walks of life. She has an uncanny ability to speak the truth in love while sharing from her heart
with realness that appeals to the churched and un-churched alike.

Although she is passionate about her ministry and She Cares, she prioritizes her calling as a wife, mother and
grandmother. In between her busy schedule, she enjoys classic movies and spending time with all her boys! (John,
Ricky, Corey, Cameron & Avery in spirit.)