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Virtually, the weekend of October 1st thru 3rd, Los Angeles’ very own, Lori Battle “aka” Success Coach Lori, is hosting her 8th annual motivational networking event that will inspire individuals to “Be Bold & Dream Big.” This year the three-day event is called The Dream Big “Online” Experience.  The Dream Big “Online” Experience event help raise awareness about domestic violence and raises money that goes towards The Dream Girl Foundation.  A 501(C)3 non-profit organization that helps girls from under-served communities with scholarships for college, entrepreneurial training, and self-care education.  This year is going to be epic and we are expecting attendees from all around the world to attend this year’s events, with an expected audience between 500-1K.   Sponsors of the event are ZTIME PRODUCTIONS, REVIVEMYWIG.COM, COACHING DESIGNED BY LORI to name a few. 

Lori Battle, the founder of the Dream Big Experience Weekend first became an entrepreneur at the age of 20 with a hundred-dollar investment, which later led to her operating a 7-figure company by her mid-20’s.  This passion of hers to empower individuals to dream & believe big is what prompted her to launch the Dream Girl Luncheon back in 2014.  Since then the event has caught fire and now has upwards of 500 attendees annually from across the country.  In 2017 the event expanded from a one-day event into a three-day weekend where individuals can launch, connect, and grow their entrepreneurial dreams on a larger scale.  Due to Covid-19, this year we are not meeting in-person, but in 2022, we will be back in-person again.

The mission of this event is for it to be a networking platform that brings together passionate and driven multicultural individuals to a space of empowerment.  The mission is to light the entrepreneurial spirit of all individuals in attendance.  While offering Inspiration, we want to Celebrate the accomplishments of those who have dared to DREAM in all facets of life and to Empower individuals with a strong desire of entrepreneurship to make big dreams a reality.

The weekend kick-offs on Friday October 1st with the Entrepreneurs Experience, then Saturday October 2nd with the Dream Girl Luncheon, and ending on Sunday October 3rd with the Inspirational Experience.

So, ladies & gentlemen, if you are looking for the ultimate networking affair that will help you either launch, connect or grow your dreams, then The Dream Big Experience Weekend is where you want to be on October 1st through 3rd.  The Dream Big “Online” Experience will be happening online via Zoom.  You can register online at Eventbrite or on the website:

You can find out more about this spectacular event on our website: WWW.DREAMBIGEXPERIENCE.COM

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