We are looking to partner with sponsors who value the courageous spirit of entrepreneurs and who align with our vision to inspire, celebrate, and empower individuals who dare to dream big. Last year we were fortunate to have sponsors such as State Farm Insurance, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery, Skinny Pop, Diabolo Drinks, and so many others who saw value in partnering with one of L.A.’s fastest growing motivational networking events.

The Dream Girl Luncheon attracts attendees nationally & Internationally between the ages of 25-65. Our mission is to continue to be a platform that brings together passionate and driven multicultural women to a space of empowerment. Our goal is to light the entrepreneurial spirit of every woman in attendance. While offering Inspiration, we want to Celebrate the accomplishments of those who have dared to DREAM in all facets of life and to Empower women with a strong desire of entrepreneurship to make big dreams a reality.

If The Dream Big Experience Weekend featuring The Dream Girl Luncheon, The Entrepreneurs Experience, and The Inspirational Experience sounds like the type of event that you can believe in and support the mission statement, we would absolutely be honored to hear from you to discuss partnering together this year! In additional to sponsorship, we are also seeking in-kind gift promotional to share with our attendees. Sample products are excellent for our dream bags giveaways or gift baskets are perfect for our raffle segment. Proceeds from this raffle help support our Dream Girl Foundation. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and donations are tax-deductible.

If you would like more detailed information on participating in our monetary or in-kind sponsorship programs, please email us to request our detailed sponsorship deck. Email your request to:

We appreciate your interest in our event and we hope to partner with you this year!

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